Upcoming Event: panel discussion. 'Success: is it all in the mind? A discussion on women in science.'

We announce the date for our first public panel discussion! On the 15th of March four inspiring panelists (Dame Athene Donald, Prof Michelle Ryan, Dr Tom Stafford and Jessica Wade) and one dynamic presenter (our own Dr Stuart Higgins) will discuss how our psychology affects our success in science. Join for drinks and nibbles before the show at 7 pm, Old Divinity School, St John's college. Free for all, sign-up here

The path to a career in academia is highly competitive, time consuming and often involves rejections and setbacks. How do our ambitions, attitudes and unconscious biases impact our careers in science and are women affected differently from men?

Fewer women than men hold the top positions in academia, and this is often regarded as a sign that science is unequal. But do we need to reexamine the meaning of success in science and do men and women have fundamentally different definitions? Looking to the future, can we harness psychology to attract more female scientists and, if so, will having more women ultimately change the way science works?

Join Cavendish Inspiring Women as we venture into the complex world of public perceptions of science, the imposter syndrome and whether women naturally ‘think’ themselves out of continuing in science. With an outstanding panel of speakers, expect a truly interdisciplinary discussion of the science behind the scientists, male and female.

The discussion will be lead by Dr Stuart Higgins, a research associate in the Cavendish and producer of the podcast 'Scientists not the science'. 

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