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Moving towards Ultra-fast magnetic memories: A Talk by Dr Chiara Ciccarelli, Microelectronics Group, Cavendish Laboratory

Abstract of talk: 

How does electricity affect a magnet? The interaction between electricity and magnetism is an important topic in technology, especially in data storage where nano-scale magnets store information in hard-drives and are expected to do likewise in emergent technologies. The first to realise a connection between electricity and magnetism was Oersted more than two centuries ago. In the past 50 years this question underlay a fast-moving area of experimental and theoretical research. 

In this talk, I will tell you how my research has evolved during my years in Cambridge. In particular, in the past five years I have been very interested in studying the peculiar locking between charge and spin that occurs in special classes of ferromagnets. This locking is induced by a relativistic effect and allows manipulating the magnetisation of the ferromagnet by simply applying a voltage to it and, vice versa, to detect the magnetisation orientation via a voltmeter.

Thanks to the support from the Winton and Royal Society I have decided more recently to make a jump forward in terms of timescales and study these spin-charge phenomena at much higher speeds by using a femtosecond laser. 

Location: Small Lecture Theatre, Bragg Building, Cavendish Laboratory

Event open to all!